Monday, 14 April 2014

Authentic Andhra Tomato pickle .... Kitchen Basics

I was so much happy to see this time tomatoes as it is an essential vegetable in my kitchen. I love its juicy texture which gives richness to the gravy. I don’t know anyone who hates them!!

Tomato pickle is always one of my choice of pickles. This is a traditional dish taught by my friend who makes this to her perfection. Its also my family favorite side-dish. Its a good time-saver and accompany with many dishes. I always prepare in bulk and store it in refrigerator when I find really red tomatoes in the market. 

Ingredients for Tomato pickle :

Tomato  1kg
Tamarind 80g
Fenugreek and Cumin powder 1/2spoon each (fried one)
Mustard powder 2 to 3 spoon
Chilli powder 1 cup
Salt 1cup or adjust as per taste
Groundnut oil 2 spoon
Turmeric 1spoon

For tempering :

Groundnut oil - 1cup
Mustard seeds
Cumin seeds
Red chilli

1. Wash tomatoes and wipe with cloths
2. Cut tomatoes into small pieces
3. Wash tamarind with water and drain the water
4. In a pan put 2 to 3 tsp oil  then put tomatoes and cook in sim till tomatoes get 70% cooked then add tamarind and cook in sim for 10 more min.
5. Switch off the stove and bring the cooked tomatoes to room temperature.
6. Meanwhile in another pan put groundnut oil, mustard seeds and cumin seeds when starts spluttering switch off the stove and bring it to room temp.
7. For the cooked tomatoes add cooled tempering, chilli powder, fenugreek and cumin powder, mustard seed powder and salt mix well and store it in dry bottle

Tasty tomato pickle is ready.  U can use this pickle with ghee rice, idly, dose or even with curd rice.