Saturday, 30 August 2014

Adai Rotti

Lentils are good for so many parts of your life: your body, your blood, your pocketbook, your taste buds, and even the environment. Most recipes with lentils are gluten-free and sugar-free. So here comes the recipe using lentils Adai Rotti.

Ingredients to prepare Adai Rotti:

2cups Rice flour
1/4th cup Curry leaves and coriander leaves finely chopped
1/2tsp cumin seeds
1/4th cup grated coconut
1/4 cup finely chopped onions
1/4 tsp hing
Salt as per taste

To grind
1 cup Channa Dal
1cup Tuar Dal
1/2 cup moong Dal
Green chilli 3

To prepare Adai Rotti:

1. Soak lentils/Dal's for 1 to 2 hrs and grind them with green chillies using very little water. Let the mixture be coarse, do not grind it like dosa batter.
2. Take a bowl pour dal paste. Add rice flour, curry leaves, coriander leaves, cumin seeds, grated coconut, onions, hing ad salt and mix well. Prepare rotti dove by adding required amount of water.
3. Place a Tawa or non stick pan on the medium flame, Greece the pan with ghee or oil. Once the pan is hot place the rotti bater on the centre and pat it into 1/2" thick circle. Roast rotti on both sides till is red. Adai Rotti is ready to serve. Serve with curry leaf chutney and home made ghee.

Tips / Notes :

  • Prepare only as many rottis as you want. You can refrigerate the dough and use whenever you want.
  • U can add mint paste to this rotti bater to make Mint Adai Rotti.

Health Benefits of Lentils:

1. Low cost
2. High Protein
3. High Nutrition
4. Low in Fat and Sodium
5. Most Alkaline of all Protein Sources
6. Easy to Digest and Cook
7. High in Cholesterol-Lowering Fiber (both soluble and insoluble)

So try this recipe and write back to us…We love to hear from you.

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Undrallu_Gundugole_Undrallu Payasam_Pala Undrallu

I prepare this  Gundugole payasam today for Ganesh Chaturthi, but one can make this on any festival. I learnt this recipe from my MIL during last year Ganesh Chaturthi festival. The process of making those tiny wheet balls is bit tedious but it is worth the effort. This is our family traditional naivedyam for Lord Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi. But u can prepare any day this naivedyam to Lord Ganesha on coming 11 days.

Ingredients to prepare Gundugole payasam:

1cup wheat flour
1cup Channa dal
1cup Gud / jaggery
1cup Milk
Water to boil Gundugole and Channa Dal
2 to 3 pinch salt

To prepare Gundugole payasam:

1. First make smooth consistency or chapati consistency dove using Wheat flour, salt and water. 
2. Take an empty plate and apply oil on it.
3.Take some dough in your hand, and using your fingers make small balls as shown in picture (the smaller the balls, the better the taste. it all depends on your patience). If the dough keeps sticking to you hand, smear little oil to your fingers to continue making the balls. This is the most time consuming process but the end product makes you forget all the pain you have taken while making it.
4. After you finish making all the balls, transwer it to a container add water to it and place in pressure cooker. In another container add Channa dal and water place this too in pressure cooker and cover it with lid. Cook them for two wishals.
5. Once the pressure drops open the cooker. Place a vessel on stove and pore the cooked Gundugole and Channa dal with water. To this add Gud / Jaggery, once the water starts boil add boiled milk and cook for 2 min and switch off the stove. Or when ever u are serving add boiled milk and serve.
6. Taste it at this point of time and adjust the thickness and sweetness of payasam by adding more milk or Gud / Jaggery to suit your taste buds. Do not boil for long as the mixture might curdle up sometimes.

Tips / Notes :

  • Jaggery can be replaced with sugar in this recipe.
  • If you do not have time to make those tiny wheat balls, u can prepare them one day before and sun dry it and store it in a box. When ever u are preparing this recipe u can use this dried Gundogole to fasten your cooking process on festive days.
  • If you do not have time to make those tiny wheat balls, you can use a sev maker(slightly big holes) to press them into long cylinders. You do not need to steam them, you can press them directly into the milk-water mixture and boil it until they float and then add jaggery and boil for some time.

Health Benefits of Wheat:

1. Controls Obesity (especially in women)
2. Improves body metabolism
3. Prevents Type 2 Diabetes
4. Reduces Chronic Inflammation
5. Prevents Gallstones

So try this recipe and write back to us…We love to hear from you.

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