Sunday, 1 June 2014

Simple Onion Omlet / Instant Onion Omlet

An Indian Egg Omelette is generally made with onions, green chillies / chilli powder or combination of both and cilantro/coriander leaves. 

Ingredients to make 3 simple omlet :

3 Eggs
2 med onions (cut into small pieces)
1/4 tsp  Red chilli powder
1/4 tsp Salt
3tbsp oil

To prepare each Omlet :

1. Take a glass, Break a egg into a glass. Add a pinch of salt, Red chilli powder and a feast full of onions and gently whisk them with a fork. Just enough to merge the whites and yolks together. Don't over do this whisking.
2. Add a tablespoons of olive oil to the frying pan then pour the egg mixture. Cook till the egg  is done and turn the omlet to the other side. Then cook it for 30 seconds and serve hot with bread slices with ketchup.. kids will love it.
3. Repeat the same steps for remaining two omlets.

Tips / Notes:

·        U can add cilantro/coriander leaves before whisking the egg mixture.
·        U can add green chillies instead of red chilli powder or combination of both.
·        Adjust spice and salt as per your requirement. 

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