Friday, 30 May 2014

Heath Benefits of RAGI

Ragi, also known as finger millet is a dark brown/red colour cereal. Being low in calories and rich in nutrition, it’s a wonderful food for all. 20 grams serving of ragi provides 66kcal of energy. Packed with calcium, iron, amino acids and anti-oxidants, ragi is truly a natural wonder. We tell you the reasons why you must essentially include ragi in your diet. For more information click

Why ragi is a natural wonder
1. An excellent source of calcium, ragi is recommended for bone health of children, adults as well as old people. 
2. Ragi is considered to be the best weaning food for infants. Doctors recommend infants above age 6 to have ragi as it is high in iron (3.9mg/100gm).

3. It improves iron deficiency and increases hemoglobin levels in the body. it’s an excellent food for diabetic and obese people

4. Ragi enhances milk production in new moms and protects pregnant women from developing anaemia. 
5. Ragi is an ideal substitute for rice and must be present in your weight loss diet. 
6. Ragi is a good supplement for people with high cholesterol and fatty liver because the amino acids lecithin and methionine bring down fat content of the liver and reduce LDL levels.
7. The anti-oxidants present in ragi tone the body naturally and keep it cool. It relaxes the system and considerably alleviates insomnia, migraine, depression and headache.
8. The ground paste of ragi used as a facial/body scrub or you can make a paste out of them and apply it to improve the texture of your skin. Ragi prevents premature ageing of the skin.

You can have ragi in plenty of ways. Make ROTIES, DOSAS, IDLIES, VADAS, PAKODAS, RAGI MUDDE the famous Kannadigas main dish with bassaru, porridge, cakes, or simply have it raw form after sprouting. So eat ragi and stay fit!

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